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NOVA by Dallas Stoeckel

I miss this space and this lady.
Permalink | 6 notes I love this app. It appeals to my design side and encourages my writing side. Here’s a little teaser from my newest novella.
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Having way too much fun designing effects for my next short film. #imnotreallyinspaceguys #lookswayrealiknow #cgimakesmelookfat

Permalink | 8 notes Scanning and animating these #lenticular exposures of myself @thefogez, @tanqueraytears w/ Cait, and @bexbubbles. #gifarmy #Nishika #3D #film
Permalink | 5 notes Late night pool shenanigans w/ @metalornothing. #bleachbouquet (at Cochran Terrace)
Permalink | 11 notes "There are more people who wish to be loved than there are who are willing to love." - Nicolas Chamfort w/ @stonefoxx83 and @foufoumakeup
Permalink | 16 notes "Stand a little less between me and the sun." - Diogenes w/ @alexandra_rabe on #Kodak #Portra 400.
Permalink | 7 notes Stoked on these digitals of @alexandra_rabe, cameo by @fcknstkd.
Permalink | 9 notes Eight days a week w/ @baibaiiiii. (Nikon N90s on exp. Kodak TMAX 400)
Permalink | 4 notes @actualpain got me ponderin’; What if Haribo is the Occult!? I’m in! #tasteslikesundaymorning #toosmallforgodgomplex (at Scientology Building)